About Me
Dena Doolin

Founder + Host of The Motherhood Spectrum

Lover of libraries, rainy days, otter videos, chai tea lattes + all things color coded stationery

My name is Dena. I am the creator of The Motherhood Spectrum and Intentional Living Planner.


I'm a special needs mom devoted to helping other women design and live their life with intention.

What does that mean? 


I was stuck living life day to day with no direction which led me to be clinically depressed because I had unaddressed past trauma. I was constantly in a state of reactivity and deep down I knew there was more to life than feeling overwhelmed and burnt out all the time. I basically felt like I was avoiding how I felt with people, places, and things, to fill the void. I felt unconscious up until I dove deep into personal development when I was 21. There was an awakening when I gave birth to my son. My love for him overflowed so much I was reminded that I can't be the best mom without having self love and be responsible for his needs if I didn't care for my own.


Instead of filling the void, I became inspired and was mindful of the tools, people and places that have led me to get to where I am. I can say I am on the path to my true calling by passionately showing up in this space and helping other women get out of the same old rut - because no one likes to feel stuck and depressed? That may be why you're here, right now. 

I have been married for five years to my handsome husband, Alex, who is an avid video game player and aspiring comedian. We live in a small town north of Indianapolis. We have a four year old son named Isaac. He was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of two. He's nonverbal and in Applied Behavior Therapy. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have kick started my personal growth journey. I might still have been stuck feeling miserable.


 Personal growth is a life long journey. But there has to be a point of no return, a shift in how you think and feel about where you're headed. When you're tired of the same old patterns, feeling like you're going nowhere. To be a better person and parent, meant I had to make changes to my daily habits and routines. But most importantly, change my mindset. That is why I founded The Motherhood Spectrum Community. To help women like you who feel just like I did.


Since I became a mom, I have been super passionate about sharing tips and tools of how I'm making the most of my time and absolutely enjoy connecting with other women by helping them reach their true potential and fulfill their purpose through mindfulness, planning and productivity techniques.


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