Welcome to The Motherhood Spectrum!

Do you often feel like you wonder what life would be like if you had an endless amount of time and resources to live a better life? Trust me, we all do. But the fact of the matter is that you can do so much with what you have right now. You just need a little encouragement and community to take inspired action and make mindset shifts to change your life for the better.


The Motherhood Spectrum is a unique community of women from all different walks of life through motherhood. Whether you're a stay at home mom, a bonus mom, foster/adoptive mom, special needs mom, a working mom, an aspiring-to-be mom.. you are in the right place. 

So many of us are distracted by things that don't matter and even our little ones can be distractions, but cute ones, right?! This community is here to remind you of what's important by saying yes to YOU first and saying no to what doesn't serve you. In order to do that, you will have to really dig deep and cultivate what truly matters to you.

You have a purpose.

You have a passion.

You have a spark within you.

The Motherhood Spectrum will help you find your purpose and live a more mindful motherhood.



Dena Doolin

Founder + Host of The Motherhood Spectrum Podcast

I am an INFJ, Libra, lover of rain days, and all things stationary.


I'm a devoted wife and stay at home mom to a three year old boy with autism spectrum disorder. Amongst my daily life, I am a creative entrepreneur and my goal is to help other moms find their creative passions too.

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