About Me
Dena Doolin

Founder + Host of The Motherhood Spectrum

Lover of libraries, rainy days, otter videos, chai tea lattes + all things color coded stationery

My name is Dena. I'm a special needs mom devoted to helping other moms live their days with intention. I was stuck living life day to day with no direction which led me to be clinically depressed amongst dealing with past trauma and constantly in a state of reactivity.  I've dove deep into personal development since I was 21. I am currently 25 years old, a devoted wife to my husband Alex. We live in a small town north of Indianapolis. We have a four year old son named Isaac and he was diagnosed autism spectrum disorder. Since I became a mom, I have been super passionate about sharing tips and tools of how I'm making the most of my time and connecting with other mommas by helping them reach their true potential and fulfill their purpose through planning and productivity.


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