Are you ready to ditch OVERWHELM to the curb and design your life with more PURPOSE and JOY?

Do you want to spend your days well, working toward your goals and doing things that matter instead of being drained and overwhelmed?

Do you want to quit running from one thing to the next, and actually have time to process your thoughts and rest your mind?

What if mindfulness and planning had a baby? 


I present to you The Intentional Living Toolkit. 

Think of this as a self care kit for your mind and your time!

I've got good news for you:

It really is possible to make space for what matters MOST.

You just need a tool that actually helps you organize + simplify your crazy life! 

If you love planners, but always find yourself searching for one that fits your needs a little bit better…

If you’ve got at least three notebooks going at the same time, to hold all of your lists and reminders…

If you’re overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, and need a tool that will help you keep your thoughts straight…

Then this Planner is for YOU!

Take a look inside

What you'll find in The Intentional Living Planner

Undated, 3 month planner

Define your Purpose, Passion, and Priorities

Design Your Life with Intention

  • Worksheets to help guide you to discover your core values, find your focus & evaluate your current season of life

  • Time Management techniques optimizing your week, manage your routines, create consistent habits, and evaluate your season of life

  • Undated Monthly Intention/Review

  • Weekly planning pages for priorities, journal prompts, & habit tracking

  • Meal planning & shopping lists, weekly prep checklists

  • Space to write down all the essentials, including your Top 3 Priorities, To-Do List, Meal Plan, Mood Tracking, Wellness, & Self Care

  • Extra notes pages for making lists, brain dumps, and more!

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