Use Your Voice to Stand For HUMANITY & For The Sake of Our Children’s Futures

Updated: Oct 9, 2020


Are you feeling heart broken and overwhelmed with what’s going on in this world right now?

You’re not alone.

I encourage you to not judge yourself for how you respond.

Rather to have compassion, care for yourself as needed, and then take action when and where you can.

As current events of Black Lives Matter unfold and conversations deepen, it is vital that you take time to rest.

Take time to lean into your self-care.

If you don’t, you risk becoming overwhelmed and collapsing.

We all need stamina in this shift, for ourselves, our families, and the world.

We believe that mothers will change the world.

It is our responsibility to raise children who are deeply loving, empathetic, and inclusive.

We know this is part of why you are here with The Motherhood Spectrum—you know the impact you have on the next generation.

There is no doubt we are all needed right now, but we need moments of rest in order to restore our energy, and emotional and mental bandwidth.

It is okay to take breaks from the news.

It is okay to take a day away from social media.

It is okay to set boundaries with family and friends in your conversations.

Systemic racism will not be solved by a two-week Instagram trend.

There is more work to be done in years to come if we want to be the catalyst for change for the coming generations.  It's up to you to look inward and explore what that "work" looks like. This could be continuing your studies of how to be actively anti-racist.  If you're white it could be learning to peel back the layers of your privilege.  If you're Black, it could be digging deeper into your self-care practice to process the generational trauma that's being brought to the forefront of our experience and broadcast nationwide. The "work" is going to look different for all of us, and that's okay.

Growth never comes from people sitting in their comfort zones.

It comes from making a change and standing up for what’s right - even when it’s uncomfortable.

If we want to seek change, we must first become it.

It doesn’t happen when you’re sitting on the sidelines.

Change happens when you show up, donate, speak up, vote, and rally together because if we are fighting against each other we are not focusing on creating the solution.

We make an everlasting change when we are all fighting for one thing - FREEDOM.

We can’t have freedom without justice.

A lot of the divisiveness, riots, protesting and looting that have been happened and still continue are coming from a place of voices unheard, generational trauma, and those fighting against injustice.

We as parents are shaping the minds and hearts of our children and next generation, so we need to make sure we show up with purpose, intention, and integrity.

No matter what that looks like, whether you’re having hard conversations with your children and loved ones or even being kind to strangers who are a different race, ethnicity, or social class than you.

You have the opportunity to choose to speak up on your platform - even if it’s wrong or not politically correct.

Or you have the opportunity to be silent and while it’s important to take step back and learn from our black community and activists, we must awaken our hearts and minds and not be blind to our own flaws and prejudices.

What matters in this moment, this day, this year and for the rest of our lives, is that we must commit to being the change - to advocate, support, and truly show compassion for everyone.

Diversity is what makes this world go round.

Law enforcement is to be trusted and when they fail the system, we can’t justify the actions of those in power who abuse it.

We must hold people accountable by calling them out - and calling ourselves in to learn from our mistakes and to do the work of anti-racism.

If we want justice for the black lives taken, we have to amplify black voices and show up in a way that supports them.

The dictionary definition states that it means just behavior or treatment. A concern for justice, peace, and respect for people.

“Justice begins with our awareness of the present moment, extends through caring for ourselves, and shows up in the love we bring to our interactions with others and our responses to the social challenges of our time.”

What does justice mean to you?

How can you keep going and support a systemic change and social justice in your heart, your home, and in the minds of your children?

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